CK StaffCatherine’s professional staff and trained volunteers provide a loving environment for the children and a full range of free professional services, that includes medicines, medical, dental and physical rehabilitation.

Our Operations Director, “Mama” Sue Johnson, leads the home and treats the kids as her own children.  As a child she was raised by her parents in New Jersey. Sue was six years old when she got the call to care for children. One day, after seeing a TV documentary on Africa, she went out to her backyard, got up on a boulder (her prayer rock), and asked God to send her one day to be   the mother and caregiver for sick children in poverty. Her prayers have been answered and she now is “mother” to our  precious children at Catherine’s.

Catherine’s has a staff of professionals and volunteers that provide education and teach the kids that have an ability to learn, to read and write. For the children that have severe special needs and cannot normally learn we provide individual emotional and special sensory stimulation that allows the child to express him/her self with their own communication skills. Children that have disabilities but can attend school are enrolled in the local public school and transportation is provided.

We have a staff that provides bathing, dressing, hot meals, medical care, rehabilitation therapy. We have staff twenty four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year as these children can never be without personal supervision. The staff drives the kids to medical appointments, planned surgeries and school. Administration personnel keeps individual medical records for all the kids and records their progress. We keep detailed daily written individual records per child through the day that are transferred daily to an electronic database available to doctors and child care services. All dispensed medicines, dosage and time of day it is provided are recorded. Observed events like seizures, high temperature, nauseas, vomiting, etc. are treated and recorded.

Life at Catherine’s

The life of the Children at Catherine’s begins at 7:00am when the children wake up. Their faces and hands are washed and teeth are brushed. They are dressed and learn to dress on their own. The kids have breakfast at 8:00am. At 9:00 Catherine’s holds devotionals for the children, after which the children have their daily stretches and range of motion exercises. Kids that need a nap time have one before lunch that takes place at 1:00pm. After lunch there is a number of activities and play that is rehabilitation driven. There is a time in the afternoon for Arts and crafts activities and further rest for those children that need it. Dinner is at 4:30pm after which the kids get bathed and ready for bed. At 7:00pm night time devos and prayer takes place. By 7:30pm all precious souls are ready to go to sleep. The boys have separate quarters from the girls.





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