Since Catherine’s is a Christian-based organization, we believe the power of this ministry truly rests in the power of Christ and spending time in thoughtful prayer.

Here are some thoughts and prayers that we would gratefully appreciate you partaking in:

  • We believe in God’s grace and mercy and His provision for our cause and everyone involved.
  • We ask for the community to keep our children, professional staff, volunteers, donors and Board members in prayer.
  • We pray for wisdom so that we use our donor’s money wisely on behalf of our children.
  • We pray for the wellbeing of our children and their healing so that they grow to their fullest potential and have a just and joyful life.
  • We pray that we fully¬†abide by our Mission and Vision statements and adhere to our Core Values.
  • That through God and with God we will be able to reach as many children worldwide as possible.