Core Values

  • God

    God:  We believe in God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. In the principles of Christianity and that all things are possible through faith, prayer, and obedience. The Lord wants to heal us so that our lives are transformed. … Continue reading

  • Children:  We believe that all children are to be cherished, especially those who have been abandoned or neglected for having special medical needs or disabilities. (“Whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.” Matthew 18:5)

  • Partnership:  We believe that the success in caring for our children can only happen by establishing strong relationships and partnerships with our donors, volunteers, sponsors, and other organizations who come alongside us with the same desire to help and serve … Continue reading

  • Compassion: We believe that we glorify God when we pursue His passion to help the unfortunate who cannot help themselves. Continue reading

  • We believe in being honest, accountable, and straightforward in how we do business and with all of our relationships. Continue reading

  • We believe as guardians for these special children, we are responsible for lifelong care and protection for those unable to fully integrate into society. (“For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end” Hebrews 3:14) Continue reading

  • Service:  We believe we are meant to serve others and our community by the giving of our time in volunteering and of our skills that we possess. We also believe in donating a portion of all contributions made to us … Continue reading

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